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Residency Program

Dripped On The Road is a traveling artist residency program dedicated to fostering a unique creative environment for its resident artists while enhancing the visual atmosphere of communities through public art. This one of a kind program invites selected artists to:

- Travel a predetermined route around the U.S.

- Create public murals in a diverse array of cities and communities.

- Camp at national & state parks to create small works on paper.

- Collaborate with a variety of arts/community organizations on workshops, talks, and panels.

Since 2016 the program has:

- Painted over 100 murals.

- Hosted over 20 artists.

- Traveled over 15,000 miles.

- Painted in 20 cities in 15 states.

- Partnered with over 60 organizations.

- Hosted 15 educational
community  workshops.
- Starting in 2020 the program
has planted 200 trees.

Meet The Directors


Denton Burrows

Denton Burrows is a professional artist, art production specialist and artistic entrepreneur who in addition to Dripped On The Road, is co - founder of Dripped On Productions, an art production company specializing in mural production. 

Denton received his B.A. in Fine art and Graphic Design from Lehigh University and then his Masters in Illustration from The School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan. 


Jonathan Neville

Jonathan Neville promotes public art, including murals, as an art curator, leader of artist teams and community art specialist.  Jonathan works closely with local governments, community organizations, small businesses, corporations and private clients to realize and manage projects.  Jonathan has been involved in the arts and culture industry since 2007, working for companies such as Vice and Frank151. He has now established and operates his own arts businesses.  


In 2012, Jonathan founded the Centre-fuge Public Art Project, and in the process transformed a New York City construction site on the Lower East Side into a community mural gallery.  In 2013, Jonathan developed a mural program for the First Street Green Cultural Park, helping transform a trash-strewned lot into a public art oasis in Lower Manhattan.  As a result of his leadership role in the project, he was asked to join the Board of Directors of the park in 2015.   In 2014, Jonathan and his partner founded Dripped On Productions, an art production company through which he and his teams achieve success in creating public art and murals.

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