Fall 2019

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The Dripped On The Road October 2019 Program featured resident artists Valeriya Volkova (Philadelphia, PA) and Caitlin McDonagh (Montreal, Canada). The program was a three week epic, where it visited three cities, while camping at 4 different state parks in Virginia and Pennsylvania. The program began in Brooklyn, NY and travelled to the Talking Walls Festival in Charlotte, NC.  

Dripped on the Road also hosted two artist talks in Charlotte for the festival and in Bethlehem for Lehigh University. 

Brooklyn, NY

October 7th-12th

Brooklyn in the house! 

The October 2019 program started off in Brooklyn, with the residents staying at the NY Moore Hostel. The residents were just 10 minutes away from their walls, and this was their first public art opportunity in New York. 


On top of painting a mural, the group was also hosted by the great people at Brooklyn Brewery, to taste some delicious beers, and take some on the road! 


During the week, Denton also hosted a meet and greet at his apartment in Manhattan, with previous and current residents of the program....the crew also painted the rooftop. 


Overall, Brooklyn was an amazing start for the 2019 program, and the residents created some unbelivably unique murals in the heart of Brooklyn. 

White Oak Campground, PA

October 13th-15th

White Oak Campground was an amazing place to stay!

The group camped there for two days and cooked some unbelievable meals, went skateboarding, and painted in the woods. Beautiful lakes, mountains and forests were abound all around. The drone even got attacked by a large pelican looking bird. Unreal.

Charlotte, NC

October 15th-21st

The group finally landed in Charlotte again for the Talking Walls Mural Festival. Again, the crew stayed in the backyard of Ink Floyd, the famous screen printing workshop located in the NODA district of Charlotte. While Jonathan and Ramiro stayed in tents, the rest of the group stayed in the cozy RV the rest of the nights.

Both Caitlin and Valeriya got to paint their largest walls yet, and were assisted by the directors of the program. Caitlin painted in the heart of Charlotte, and had an amazing time on the lift. Tricky situations getting the lift in and out of the small alleyways, but Jonathan and Denton maneuvered professionally.  Caitlin painted her wall in just 4 days, and it turned out stunning!

Valeriya painted on the other side of town on a building next to Moo and Brew...one of the best burgers in town. With assistant Ramiro on hand, Valeriya painted this wall in just 3 full days. The location was an abandened juice spot, which seemed more like a drug front than a juice spot. 

On Saturday night, the directors also held a guest lecture at Optimist Hall about the program and public art. Ramiro from the team painted a quick mural for the backdrop, and great times were had. 

Overall the festival was a huge success with so many new murals going up all at once. 

We just want to thank everyone down at Talking Walls that hosted the team.....you guys were amazing.

Bethlehem, PA

October 22nd-23rd

The final stop on the Dripped on the Road 2019 program was Lehigh University in Bethlehem PA.

The rew presented an artist talk for the art students in the school, and even frove the RV into the class. Needless to say, DOTR hosted all the students in the RV and gave them a walkthrough of all the gadgets and gears in the vehicle.

That night the crew stayed with the famous artist and human, Berrisford Boothe. Berris provided the group with an authentic Jamaican meal that blew everyone away. It is always a treat to stop by Berris' home, full of beautiful art, food, and conversations. A true gift to the crew.

Thank you so much Berris for your hospitality, you are an epic man.

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