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Fall 2016


photo journal

Bethlehem, PA

November 3rd-6th

The Program spent 4 days in Bethlehem, PA working with the local non-profit, ArtsQuest, that provides cultural and educational programs for the Lehigh Valley. ArtsQuest organized for the team to sleep in the RVs behind Bethlehem's famous, now abandoned steel mill.

The program visited Bethlehem to paint a banner for the Banana Factory, a building dedicated to art galleries and studios, and to host an Artist Talk with DOTR partner

Falls Lake, NC

November 8th-10th

Falls Lake in North Carolina was the first State Park the program camped in while driving from DC to Durham NC.

Falls Lake was the perfect environment for team bonding as well as getting started on the first pieces for the program's gallery exhibition in Miami.

Durham, NC

November 10th-13th

In Durham, The program partnered with SPECTRE Arts to host an Artist Talk with and paint multiple murals on the facade of their building and fence. 

In addition, Director Denton Burrows painted a mural for the local brewery, FullSteam Brewery. 

Spartansburg, SC

November 13th-14th

The program spent a night and the following day camping in Spartansburg, SC.

Fires loomed in the distance casting thick grey smoke over the hills as the RVs caravanned down the highway toward the campgrounds.

The morning greeted the team with natural beauty before they made way to the next stop.

Atlanta, GA

November 14th-17th

Atlanta is an amazing city!

The Program partnered with Pabst Blue Ribbon to create a mural in Atlanta. The local PBR Rep hosted the team at his home and made sure that they enjoyed the city's culture during their stay.

PBR allowed the team complete creative control over the 75'x20' mural on a local market & deli, Bennett's. 

Charleston, SC

November 18th-23rd

In Charleston the program had two murals to paint. The first one was for Nectar Sunglasses, a sunglasses company owned and run by local surfers. The second mural was for PBR in a popular dive bar, Upper Deck Tavern. 

The team painted a mural in the Nectar's offices making sure to incorporate the brand's identity, living the “the sweet life”. The Nectar guys and gals were extremely fun to work with and provided the team with a spot for their RVS as well as sunglasses and hats.

At the Upper Deck Tavern for PBR, the team collaborated on a black & white mural. Again the team had creative control over the project and enjoyed and tried to pair the mural with the bar's aesthetic.

Savannah, GA

November 23rd-25th

Savannah was a great time full of celebrations, a Thanksgiving feast in a barn & Director Denton Burrows' birthday. 

The program stayed at the Red Gate Farm, a farm and RV campsite where they enjoyed a massive thanksgiving meal with 70+ RVers from around the US and Canada. Every RV was expected to bring at least one dish to the family style meal. Needless to say the program enjoyed a truly special Thanksgiving experience.

For Denton's birthday celebration the team went to a shooting range. Most had never shot a gun before which made for an interesting experience that led to many conversations.

Orlando, FL

November 25th-28th

The program stayed in Orlando with DOTR friends and artists Wolfrich & Heather for a few relaxing days before hitting Miami Art Basel and to celebrate another birthday, director Ramiro's 30th!

Wolfrich & Heather hosted a welcoming BBQ party for the program and after a few hours Wolfrich & a few others grabbed some materials to paint a quick poolside collaboration.

The team went to Medieval Times to celebrate Ramiro's birthday where they had an epic night feasting with their hands and watching knights battle for honor. 


Miami, FL

November 28th-December 9th

The "End of the Road" Exhibition!

The program hosted a gallery exhibition at FU Gallery in Miami during Miami Art Basel. The entire team showed the work that they created during the trip during the stops in State & National Parks.

In addition to artwork, the team also installed a wall of relics found throughout the trip as well as personal effects including robes, bullet casings, work-clothes, palm tree branches, tools, hatchets and more.

During the exhibition the team live-painted the smaller, camper RV.

Miami, FL

Miami Art Basel Murals!

Miami Art Basel is an intense experience; work all day and network in the evenings at wild Miami parties. 

The team stayed in a comfortable apartment close by Wynwood, a neighborhood in Miami dedicated to and known for street art and graffiti.

The first job was with the Centre-fuge Public Art Project from the Lower East Side, NYC. Centre-fuge is very active in Miami during Art Basel and invited the program to paint murals for Wood Tavern,​ the most popular bar/club in Wynwood. The team painted multiple murals in the backyard as well as inside. 

While in Miami, the program parked the big RV in a lot owned by a young entrepreneur. Upon seeing the team's work, he invited them to paint a property he owned on the Miami River across from some of the hottest night clubs and restaurants in Miami. Each day the team was visited by manatees, porpoise, iguanas and tug bouts pulling gigantic freight ships; in the evening LED lit yachts adorned with smaller boats and jet skis would pull up to drop of actors, models, athletes and famous people from around the world.

Before heading back North the team had one more mural to paint for PBR on walls curated by The Moksha Family Arts Collective.

The final night in Miami, the team stayed in the RV in Little Haiti and enjoyed the last night they would all be together on the trip.


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