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The FAll 2016 Program
November 3rd - December 9th 

The Fall 2016 Program was a month long trip featuring resident artists Grace Lang & Nicole Salgar. The program visited Bethlehem PA, Durham NC, Atlanta GA, Charleston SC, Savannah GA, Orlando FL & Miami FL to paint murals, go camping, celebrate birthdays & Thanksgiving and host a gallery exhibition during Miami Art Basel.


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The Fall 2016 Program

The Spring 2017 Program

April 2nd - May 4th

The Dripped On The Road Spring 2017 Program was a month long trip that visited 6 cities, painted 9 murals, hosted 3 artist talks and camped in 5 State/National Parks and Forests. 


Resident artists were Lauren Asta and Kit Mizeres hosted by DOTR directors Denton Burrows, Ramiro Davaro-Comas and Jonathan Neville. Documenting the journey was DOTR videographer Lisa Bolden. 


The Program visited Washington DC, Asheville NC, Nashville TN, Florence AL, Atlanta GA, Bethlehem PA and hosted a gallery exhibition in New York City

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The Spring 2017 Program

The Summer 2017 Program

August 10th - August 28th

The Dripped On The Road Summer 2017 Program in August was a 2 1/2 week trip that visited 5 cities, painted 6 murals, hosted an artist talk and camped in tents every night in backyards, at artist residency programs and on farms. The program focused on collaborative murals with local artists. The Summer '17 Resident Artist was Below Key.

Below Key began his career as a graffiti artist from Queens, NY and is now a multi-faceted artist with his own clothing line and an ever growing imagination and drive to create more. 

The program visited Hamburg NJ, Ithaca NY, Williamstown MA, Boston MA and Worcester MA. The final exhibition was hosted by in their Manhattan, NY workspace.

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The winter 2017 project - Miami Art Basel

December 1st - December 13th

Dripped on the Road participated in a satellite art festival during Miami Art Basel 2017. DOTR was provided with two rooms to create art isntallations in an abandoned church in Little Haiti. One rooms was Summer 2017 resident artist Below Key & director Jonathan Neville's up-cycled artwork with the second room featuring the directors' artwork along side DOTR collaborators Jim Garmhausen's & Outer Source. 


The crew was able to paint murals throughout the church and even painted the altar! 

On top of all the work the crew did in the church, Jonathan Neville, Outer Source and Below Key continue to paint throughout the week, painting approximately 6 more murals.


Thank you Miami!

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Mural in a church Ramiro davaro-comas denton burrows dripped on the road miami art basel

Fall 2018 program

October 1st - November 3rd

The Dripped On The Road fall 2018 Program was another epic trip. The program brought artists McMonster (Portland, OR) and Trasher (Mexico City, MX) on a month long residency across the US. 

The program visited Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Washington DC and NYC. The residency ended with an exhibition in the Lower East Side, New York City showcasing the work that was created while on the road, including illustrations, paintings and installations. 

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The dripped on the road fall 2018 program pittsburgh mural street art

Fall 2019 program

October 7th - October 23rd

The Dripped On The Road October 2019 Program featured resident artists Valeriya Volkova (Philadelphia, PA) and Caitlin McDonagh (Montreal, Canada). The program was a three week epic that it visited three cities and camped in 4 state parks in Virginia and Pennsylvania. The program began in Brooklyn, NY and travelled to the Talking Walls Festival in Charlotte, NC.  

Dripped on the Road also hosted two artist talks in Charlotte for the festival and in Bethlehem for Lehigh University. 

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The DOTR Dripped On The Road Fall 2019 Program Camping Street Art

The Fall 2020 program

October 5th - October 19th

In October 2020 during the Covid19 pandemic, Dripped On The Road partnered with Spruce Arts to bring 4 world class artists to Indiana, PA, to paint murals, plant trees, host workshops, and produce a documentary film about the impact of public art in this small community.

The 2020 Program was the first trip that focused on one community the entire time. With Covid19 spreading across the US, the crew made sure to be tested and found negative before arriving in Indiana. The focus on one community developed due to DOTR's hope in minimizing the crews' exposure to and possible spreading of Covid19.

The artists that joined the program were Evan Lovett from Philadelphia PA, Sarah Rutherford from Rochester NY, Riiisa Boogie from Poughkeepsie NY and Damien Mitchel from Brooklyn NY. 

The crew painted 14 murals with air purifying paint from Smog Armor, planted 50 trees and donated an additional 150 trees to be planted in later part of the year.

Thank you to the Indiana community for opening your doors to the program! 

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The Fall 2020 DOTR Dripped On The Rod Program Indiana PA Murals

The Fall 2021 Program

October 4th - October 18th

The Fall 2021 Program brought four new resident artists Sabrina Dorsainvil (Boston), SoulsNYC (Bronx), Justin Suarez aka Aerosol Kingdom (Rochester) and Lena “Mac” McCarthy (Boston) to Blairsville, PA, a small town in western Pennsylvania with a population of 3,216.

The residents took the time to research the area’s history and upon arrival we’re ready to begin painting meaningful murals that represent the community. In total, the residents painted 12 murals in Blairsville and we’re welcomed graciously by the local community who fed them home cooked meals and delivered take out from the local restaurants to them each and everyday.

The program additional focused on creative sustainability by teaming up with the local River Valley School District to plant 100 trees on their campus. The school reciprocated the  planting by inviting the program to be special guests at their Friday night varsity football game, which was amazingly fun!

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DOTR Dripped On The Road Fall 2021 Residency Program Blairsville PA Murals
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