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Fall 2018

photo journal

The Dripped On The Road fall 2018 Program was another epic trip. The program brought artists McMonster (Portland, OR) and Trasher (Mexico City, MX) on a month long residency across the US. 

The program visited Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Washington DC and NYC. The residency ended with an exhibition in the Lower East Side, New York City showcasing the work that was created while on the road, including illustrations, paintings and installations. 




October 1st-6th

DOTR's first stop on the 2018 Fall Program was the beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. On the drive to Pittsburgh, the crew stopped at Bald Eagle State Park to spend the program's first night camping and getting to know each other over a warm fire. Along for this leg of the trip was Fodors Travel Magazine writer, Rachel who was writing a story about the program for the magazine.

In Pittsburgh, the crew stayed in a beautiful downtown hotel and paint the Warrington Beer Depot in the Allentown part of the city. Bringing all of their creative minds together, the crew spent the next 4-5 days painting this 160'x35'  wall. Many community members came out to watch the mural get painted, with the conclusion being celebrated with a community block party with local musicians and food vendors.


October 7th-8th

Stop 2, was camping in the amazing Tygart State Park in West Virginia. The crew stayed overnight while driving down to the Talking Walls Mural Festival in Charlotte. While exploring through the local area on foot, they found old pontoon boats and tractors.

Oh yeah, the spiders were also huge & abundant.


October 9th-13th

Charlotte NC for the Talking Walls Festival!! 

This was one of the programs favorite stops. The crew camped out in the back of a famous screen printing shop, Ink Floyd. The employees were some of the best and welcoming hosts! They came out everyday with beer and food and treated the crew with amazing southern hospitality, we felt like family. The program was painting individual murals across the city so the crew split up to tackle each wall.

Denton Burrows painted the Mackelburg Valve, Ramiro Davaro-Comas painted the famous gay club, Chasers, 

Trasher painted Ink Floyd and Mc Monster painted an alley in Uptown, which is confusingly known as Downtown as well. 

Talking walls was an absolute blast!! Thank you to everyone who made this stop possible!!


October 14th-15th

Camping, camping, camping and some more camping!


The DOTR programs stop in different national/state parks while traveling from city to city and Kentucky was unbelievable. 

The program rented a pontoon boat in Daniel Boone National Forest and enjoyed the morning on a beautiful lake journey, stopping on different islands to explore and take photos. 

It was magical experience as the lake was crystal clear with no one else on it. Amazing. 

Cincinnati, OH


Cincinnati was a trip!

The crew was welcomed by the local artist and DOTR collaborator Jennifer Ustick. Jennifer has painted a variety of large public works in downtown Cincinnati, so she set the crew up with a place to stay (across the river in Kentucky) and paint while in town. The crew stayed in a parking area of an old burnt down house that belonged to the owner of a local arts collective near by.

Jennifer also connected the crew with a local brewery called 3 Points who invited DOTR to paint a mural on the side of the brewery. In honor of the murals, they brewed a beer based on the images that the crew painted, a true collaborative experience.


Additionally, Cincinnati is home to many graffiti artists, so Ratchi NYC, Cram and Exit from the TA crew painted a few murals for a local arts organization, ArtWorks Cincy in Bolivar Alley.



Columbus Ohio brought the crew a very cool wall to collaborate on. DOTR was invited to paint a wall at the local barcade, Old North Arcade. The bar wanted an 80's themed mural, so the crew decided to paint The Simpsons, the shark from Jaws, Jason from the Friday the 13th movies and Robocop. In between painting sessions, the group would play retro arcade games and enjoy a few beers.

The program boon-docked at a local development initiative site owned by Gravity Projects.


gravitas hosted a DOTR artist talk for the local community and the program painted an abstract mural.


In the evenings, the group would frequent the local restaurant called "The Spaghetti Warehouse", which to say the least, was a true hotspot and highly recommended.

Washington D.C.


Washington DC brought the heat!

The program Boon-docked in a parking lot on the corner of one of the busiest intersection in the city, Rhode Island and 6th NW. It's a wild experience to boon-dock in a city as you're keenly aware of every noise and movement through the night, but camping in front of the mural walls saved the the crew from sitting in D.C.'s notorious traffic. 

The parking lot was in the starting phase of becoming home to the Electric Kool Aid bar. Denton and McMonster collaborated on a large wall while Ramiro and Ratchi NYC painted a school bus that will serve as a food truck. Trasher painted the entire facade of a building with a beautiful blue tiger and flowers.

Despite painting long hours the group was afforded a few rainy days to visit the local monuments and museums. Trasher really enjoyrd visitng the nations capital and the crew was excited to show him all of the locations and monuments he'd only seen in movies.


Both Trasher and McMonster truly loved their time painting and exploring D.C.

New York, NY

October 29th-November 3rd

NYC was the last stop for the crew on this trip. During the program, all of the artists involved including the directors and videographer created artwork to exhibit at the end of the program. Dripped On the Road partnered with a local gallery, giving the resident artists their first show in NYC. While in NYC, the directors connected the resident artists with local non-profits to paint murals with.

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