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Fall 2020

photo journal

In October 2020 during the Covid19 pandemic, Dripped On The Road partnered with Spruce Arts to bring 4 world class artists to Indiana, PA, to paint murals, plant trees, host workshops, and produce a documentary film about the impact of public art in this small community.

The 2020 Program was the first trip that focused on one community the entire time. With Covid19 spreading across the US, the crew made sure to be tested and found negative before arriving in Indiana. The focus on one community developed due to DOTR's hope in minimizing the crews' exposure to and possible spreading of Covid19.

The artists that joined the program were Evan Lovett from Philadelphia PA, Sarah Rutherford from Rochester NY, Riiisa Boogie from Poughkeepsie NY and Damien Mitchel from Brooklyn NY. 

The crew painted 14 murals with air purifying paint from Smog Armor, planted 50 trees and donated an additional 150 trees to be planted in later part of the year.

Thank you to the Indiana community for opening your doors to the program! 

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