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Fall 2021

photo journal

The Fall 2021 Program brought four new resident artists Sabrina Dorsainvil (Boston), SoulsNYC (Bronx), Justin Suarez aka Aerosol Kingdom (Rochester) and Lena “Mac” McCarthy (Boston) to Blairsville, PA, a small town in western Pennsylvania with a population of 3,216.

The residents took the time to research the area’s history and upon arrival we’re ready to begin painting meaningful murals that represent the community. In total, the residents painted 12 murals in Blairsville and we’re welcomed graciously by the local community who fed them home cooked meals and delivered take out from the local restaurants to them each and everyday.

The program additional focused on creative sustainability by teaming up with the local River Valley School District to plant 100 trees on their campus. The school reciprocated the  planting by inviting the program to be special guests at their Friday night varsity football game, which was amazingly fun!

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